Monday, May 14, 2012


It is with sadness that we have to finalise the blog due to ill health.  Those of you following the Pretty Posies BOM from Jan and the Teddies Swag from Cath can follow each on Jan's personal blog: 
and Cath's personal blog:

It is with regret that we have to do this and we thankyou for your support over the past few months.  Happy stitching to everyone,

Friday, April 27, 2012


If last month was March Madness this month has to be April Fool!  Ü  Needless to say, we're running late again but here at last!  Today has been quite a cold and rainy day here in the valley...everyone has been dragging out their winter woollies and rugging up.  Good weather for sitting and stitching!

We've got our usual pattern showcases this month as well as the next installment of Jan's Pretty Posies and Cath has the cutest little stitchery for you all as well.

Cath has some lovely stitchery patterns this month from the Angels in Disguise collectionstarting with It's Hard to be an Angel

This cute wall hanging has four Redwork Annie stitcheries. Looks just as lovely done in colours, can be made larger by adding some patchwork around the blocks. Alternatively stitcheries could be used for cushions.
Hard copy.... $12.. includes postage
e pattern......$7

Not All Angels Have Wings

Another cute stitchery wall hanging. There are nine cute raggedy stitcheries. Once again they could be used on their own to adorn cushions or bags.
Hard copy.... $12.. includes postage
e pattern......$7


This time we have five cute Angel stitcheries. This wall hanging has some lovely hexagons framimg the stitcheries.
Hard copy.... $12.. includes postage
e pattern......$7

Cath's special this month is Notepapers

My special for this post are some note papers... Easy to print out and use when needed. They will come to you clean and ready to print out as many times a you would like. They will be e mailed to you.

$2 for the three designs.

Jan's showcase are three of her older designs but still very popular.

#1  Country Carpetbag

Designed with Mary Poppin's in mind.  I used wool fabrics but the bag would look great made in denims, velvets or even heavy tapestry pieces as well.  

Full pattern is $12AUD plus postage
ePattern is $7AUD

#2  Country Colours Bag

Another popular pattern!  The ideal bag for going out and roomy enough for all that us ladies have to carry.  

Full Pattern is $12AUD plus postage
ePattern is $7AUD

#3  Country Satchel

A lovely bag for all seasons.  Large enough to take an A4 folder so the perfect office bag or any use.

Full Pattern is $12AUD plus postage
ePattern is $7AUD

Special for the month is my Farmyard Banner

My full range of banner patterns have proved to be extremely popular.  The farmyard design is one of the early ones but still selling well.

ePattern only is $5AUD

Cath has designed a lovely free stitchery for this month...way too cute!!!

Do the usual....right click; save to your hard drive and then print.  Any problems?  Email Cath at

Last but not least is Jan's next block of the Pretty Posies BOM.  It's number 6 and only one more to go before we start to put it together!

Email Jan at for the pattern and instructions.  I really enjoy receiving your emails!

Well, that's it for this month.  As usual, apologies for being late....I just don't know where the time goes!!  Continue to enjoy your stitching and stay safe, Regards from,


Monday, March 26, 2012


March Madness is what I should call this month's post Ü  As always we've both been busy with our creative as well as family life.  Hope everyone is enjoying the Autumn weather here in Australia and, of course, our northern hemisphere friends will be looking forward to Spring and all the beautiful bulbs popping their heads up through the earth.  Lovely time of year for all of us I feel.

Our exciting news for this month is Cath's project in the current issue of Handmade AND making the front cover as well!  Jan's news is that she has a four page profile plus project in the current issue of Country Threads.  Here's a look at the cover of Handmade  and Country Threads

If you click through on the "next" button under both covers you will find the pages with both of our news.  How exciting is that? 

This month's freebie is Cath's Teddy Banner.  This is the last block and the May posting will have the final instructions for putting it all together along with a cute way to join the little quilts together.

As always, email Cath at for the pattern etc.  We realise that sometimes it may seem a nuisance to email us for patterns etc but we really like the personal contact that this enables us.  Ü

Cath's showcase for this month is a mixture:

Fairy Trio

This lovely wall hanging is 50cm x 84 cm [19.5" x 33"] There are three very cute Teddy Fairies stitcheries and a fourth stitchery that says Bears.... This wall hanging is very easy to put together and is suitable for the beginner patch worker to make.
Hard copy pattern... $12.. includes postage.
E pattern......... $7

Raggedy Shelf Sitter

This Raggedy is very quick and easy to make. Would make a cute addition to your Raggedy Collection.
Hard copy pattern... $12.. includes postage.
E pattern......... $7

Charli Anne

I know I have had her on before... but she is my favourite doll.......
Hard copy pattern... $12.. includes postage.
E pattern......... $7

Pattern on Special

Here I have a set of hang tags to attach to the items you make. There are two cute Raggedy designs on these tags and they come in two different sizes. The set you receive will be clean copies... my name will not be on them.
E pattern only.... $2.50

A sneak Peek at Cath's latest dolls... These little cuties will be a free pattern in the next issue of The Rusty Tin Roof, which is an online free magazine. They are Spring and Summer..... How cute are they........

Jan's showcase is also a mixture....

M'ladys Passion
Originally designed as a BOM but the pattern is now available.  It has been very popular and looks stunning in any range of fabrics.  There are two wooden embellishments that are also available if you choose.  Because of it's complexity the pattern is not available as an ePattern.

Pattern is $50AUD.
Pattern with 2 Embellishments is $65AUD

Take me Shopping
A very roomy bag with extendable sides.  The right shape and size for a day out shopping.  Make it bright and breezy, pale and pretty, fun and funky - depending on your fabric choice; the options are countless!  The stitched panels can be replaced by an extra matching fabric.  Make it in a weekend and enjoy using it for a long time.

Pattern is $14.00 Postage included
Epattern is $7

Second in a set of three cushions making use of the same fabric collection.  (No 1 & 2 in following posts.  The appliqué motif is applied by buttonhole stitch with added embroidery and embellished with the BeJeweller and Swarovski Rhinestones. The ruched binding adds the style!

Pattern is $12.00AUD Postage included
ePattern is $5.00AUD

Jan's special for this post is:

To Stitch ......
A4 size and so useful for carrying your current small project.  Pockets to hold the pattern and the workings and a beaut way to hold your threads with covered buttons.  Scissors and needles are catered for as well.  The cover stitchery is testament to our love of our craft.  A must for every sewer!

ePattern only is $5.00AUD

The freebie for this post is one of Jan's stitcheries.  Made up into a drawstring bag but possible for it to be used in any way at all!

Email Jan on if you would like the pattern.

We hope to have some new and interesting projects for you next month so make sure to come back.  We may even have a nice little surprise for one of our lucky followers who comments! ;)  Until next time, enjoy this time of year no matter where in the world you live.  Perhaps you could email a photo of your Autumn or Spring garden to Jan so we can share next month?  Until then, Happy Stitching from

Monday, February 20, 2012


Here we are again to say hello.  We've both had busy times with lots to do.  Look out for upcoming Country Threads magazines as both Cath and myself have projects and I also have another profile in the March issue (I think! :) !) and I, for one, am looking forward to some cooler days of Autumn.  Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere will be looking at Spring very soon and the tulips and daffodils will be popping their heads through the ground shortly I'm sure.

Cath has some very cute dolls in her showcase this they are.

Audrey Anne

This cute little Raggedy looks good dressed in any colour. She is easy to make and is suitable for a beginner or advanced doll maker. Full face painting instructions are included in the pattern....

Hard copy...$12 includes postage...
e pattern....$7

Jennifer Ann

This doll is called Jennifer Ann... she stands on a wooden base and has a little wooden port in her hand. I have the stands and ports for sale. Designs differ on each one.. but all are cute. The stand and ports sells for $8 for the set. This also includes the dowel that is in her leg to attach her to the stand. Pattern includes full face painting instructions.....

Hard copy...$12 includes postage...
e pattern....$7

Raggedy Friends

This cute Raggedy picture is so easy to make... They can be used on anything that you want to embellish. I have the button heads already painted for $3 each and the frames are available for $8 each.

Hard copy...$12 includes postage...
e pattern....$7

Cath's special for this month is....

Large Teddy

Large Teddy..... Once again this teddy is easy to make and the face painting instructions are included in the pattern. This pattern also has pictures to show the different stages on making her clothes.

e pattern.... $5

Pretty Posies BOM

After the "mess-up" last month here is the next installment of Pretty Posies.  Forgive me for not ironing the block before I photographed it! :) It's marked as #4 but it's actually #5 LOL

You should be able to right click, save, then print but if you have trouble, email me on and I'll email it to you.

Jan's showcase this month is a little variety of things.  Two of the latest "banners" featuring handbags and shoes.

M'ladys Fancy

Five sweet "little quilts" joined together with buttons to form a swag.  Each little purse is hand appliqued in place and then embroidered on for decoration.  I also added little jewels for a bit of bling.  Tassels also adorn two of the bags with an unusual "sewn" tassel on a third.  Easy embroidery.

Pattern is $12.00AUD (+P&H)
ePattern is $7.00AUD

M'ladys Fancy II

The perfect companion for M'ladys Fancy.  Three delightful shoes that are "blinged" with some "jewels" and a touch of embroidery.

Pattern is $12.00AUD (+P&H)
ePattern is $7.00AUD

Applique Pocket Bag

A great bag for yourself or a sewing friend.  Useful for taking to your group sewing day OR ideal for a new baby gift if you change the applique on the pockets or simply use an interesting fabric for the pocket.  A friend in the UK has made many of these for the new baby arrival and added bits and bobs in each pocket for the baby.

Pattern is $12.00AUD (+P&H)
ePattern is $10.00AUD

My special for this month is one of my early banner patterns but still very popular.

Country Farmyard

Easy applique and the use of plaids makes this a lovely decoration to your country home.

ePattern is $5.00AUD

That's it for this month!  Remember you can order patterns (payment via PayPal) or if we can help in any way by emailing us - Cath on and Jan on

Until next time - Happy Stitching

Friday, January 20, 2012


It's so hard to believe that it's now 2012 AND that January is more than halfway over!  Where does the time go to?  Cath and I have had a busy time over the Christmas/New Year period and hope to bring you lots of new and exciting projects in the coming year.  We hope that everyone had a happy and peaceful time over the Christmas period and that you too are ready to get your fingers busy and into lots of new projects in 2012!

This post has some new projects from both of us as well as Cath's next installment of her Teddies Swag.

Louella was the lucky winner of our draw and your surprise will be winging it's way to you as we speak.  Louella will receive a small Christmas banner and a pattern from Jan as well as a pattern from Cath.  Lucky girl!

Now for our showcase of patterns.....

Dreamtime is another of my newest designs.  Looks great in the aboriginal fabric but would also work well with any choice  Roomy and with bamboo handles this bag is great for shopping or taking to your quilt group meeting.

Paper Pattern is $12 AUD plus P&H
Epattern is $7 AUD

Orient Express would work well as a knitting bag but also suitable for any application.  The pattern also has instructions for the clutch purse.  Would look stunning using any style of fabric.

Paper Pattern is $12 AUD plus P&H
Epattern $7 AUD

Tokyo Tote is a very stylish bag with an unusal assymetrical flap utilising a Japanese trim to suit the chosen fabric.  Lovely long shoulder strap which could be altered to suit and like all of my bag designs it suits any style of fabric.

Paper Pattern is $12 AUD plus P&H
Epattern is $7 AUD

My special for this post is.....

Garden's Gift
A sweet little wall hanging featuring one of my wooden embellishments along with applique.  The pattern also has the applique design for the watering can if you choose not to use the embellishment.  A great gift for a gardening friend!

Epattern only is $5
The wooden embellishment is available from Jan at a cost of $7.50 plus P&H

Issue 4 of Cath's Teddies Swag

This is the fourth and second last block in the Teddy Swag. Please e mail for the pattern and instructions. If you need the previous three blocks please e mail me at and I will send them to you.

Cute little easy to make Raggedy brooch. She could also be used as an embellishment on a bag or a cushion. I do have the wooden buttons available for $3 each. You could substitute any pretty buttons that you would like to use though.

$7 for e pattern
$12 for hard copy... includes postage.

Bella Bunny is a real sweetie, she wears toddler shoes and looks so cute in them. She is easy to make and full face painting instructions are included in the pattern. Pattern for the carrots is also included.

$7 for epattern
$12 for hard copy....includes postage

This is a cute little wall hanging with a sweet little Raggedy and the word Annie. Two gorgeous ceramic heart shaped buttons finish off this gorgeous little item.

$7 for e pattern
$12 for hard copy... includes postage.

Cath's special for this post is ......

These little Raggedy heads are so easy to make. They can be used on a multitude of items... just let your imagination run wild. Full detailed instructions on how to make them are included in the patter. Plus the face painting instructions are also included

$5 for an epattern .....

A quick freebie stitcherie!  A simple but sweet pansy design to use however you may choose.  I framed and bordered it and turned it into a small pillow....the choise is yours!

Email me if you would like the pattern on

There we are for January's post!!  We hope everyone is well and ready to enjoy 2012!! Until February...Happy Stitching from....

Monday, December 12, 2011


I'm such a dunce sometimes!!! LOL  I was SO organised I had stitched etc everything for the #4 Pretty Posies BOM and when I prepared this last post I thought I had to stitch-up another one!!!  So......#5 has become #4 if you can understand what I mean?  Don't go into a panic thinking you didn't get #4....I will turn it into the one for February post.  Goodness this all sounds silly but, hopefully you understand what I mean.  Ü  Maybe I need a break over the Christmas season?

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Greetings to all and Cath and I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas 2011.  It's an understatement to say that the year has passed by so quickly!  I'm sure all of us think that and wonder just where the days have gone.  We've got a surprise for a lucky follower for this post....all you have to do is leave a comment by the 18th December and we will put everyone's name in a hat and draw the lucky winner!!!  Be in it to win it! Ü  We will have all new showcases for January so guess what we're doing over the Christmas "break"? 

We have the usual offer of patterns from both of us along with the fifth block in the Pretty Posies BOM. 

Cath's pattern showcase are a mixture of bags and teddies so have a look......

A cute and easy bag to make. Teddy and flowers stitchery on the front.

E pattern $7
Hard copy $10 + postage.

Another cute Raggedy pattern. This one is for a Raggedy bag which has 4 cute Raggedy faces embellishing the front and the back.

E pattern $7

Hard copy $10 + postage.

Two small but very cute Teddies. Easy to make. Full instructions to make the twisted pin wheel block are included in this pattern.
E pattern $7
Hard copy $10 + postage.

This little cutie is my pattern that is on special this post.

I have more of the wool that I have used for this little cutie's hair....... $2 for a small bundle that will be enough for her hair. She is a very cute little doll and is easy to make. The pattern also has the instructions to paint her face and make her little kitty.
E pattern only............. $5

Jan's showcase also features two bags (we must be in a "baggy" mood!) and a funky new apron using some "wild" fabrics.

Cherry Fudge...quick and easy and works in any fabric choice..just match the trim and buckle to suit!

Epattern $7
Hard Copy $10.00 plus postage

Retro Kitchen ....I used fabric from the Kaaffe Fasset range but any choice would suit.

Epattern  $7
Hard Copy $10.00 plus postage

Elegance.......Almost has a Christmas feel with the poinsettias but, once again, suits any fabric choice.  Instructions for the felt flower are included.

Epattern $7
Hard Copy $10.00 plus postage

Angels on High is the special for this post....easy little angels to make , join together with buttons and have a very special Christmas swag.

Epattern only $5.00

Now for the Pretty Posies BOM number 5 block...

 Email Jan at for the pattern and instructions.  Hope you're enjoying stitching your very own Pretty Posies.  Don't forget that Cath has the fabrics and threads that I've used for the project.

Don't forget to leave us a comment to be in the lucky draw for the surprise and make sure you ALL have a happy and safe Christmas and a bright New Year.  Best Wishes from Jan & Kath.

OOps!  Cath must think we're still in 2010! LOL  Maybe it's a secret wish to regain the year because it went so fast.  Do you think?  Ü