Monday, February 20, 2012


Here we are again to say hello.  We've both had busy times with lots to do.  Look out for upcoming Country Threads magazines as both Cath and myself have projects and I also have another profile in the March issue (I think! :) !) and I, for one, am looking forward to some cooler days of Autumn.  Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere will be looking at Spring very soon and the tulips and daffodils will be popping their heads through the ground shortly I'm sure.

Cath has some very cute dolls in her showcase this they are.

Audrey Anne

This cute little Raggedy looks good dressed in any colour. She is easy to make and is suitable for a beginner or advanced doll maker. Full face painting instructions are included in the pattern....

Hard copy...$12 includes postage...
e pattern....$7

Jennifer Ann

This doll is called Jennifer Ann... she stands on a wooden base and has a little wooden port in her hand. I have the stands and ports for sale. Designs differ on each one.. but all are cute. The stand and ports sells for $8 for the set. This also includes the dowel that is in her leg to attach her to the stand. Pattern includes full face painting instructions.....

Hard copy...$12 includes postage...
e pattern....$7

Raggedy Friends

This cute Raggedy picture is so easy to make... They can be used on anything that you want to embellish. I have the button heads already painted for $3 each and the frames are available for $8 each.

Hard copy...$12 includes postage...
e pattern....$7

Cath's special for this month is....

Large Teddy

Large Teddy..... Once again this teddy is easy to make and the face painting instructions are included in the pattern. This pattern also has pictures to show the different stages on making her clothes.

e pattern.... $5

Pretty Posies BOM

After the "mess-up" last month here is the next installment of Pretty Posies.  Forgive me for not ironing the block before I photographed it! :) It's marked as #4 but it's actually #5 LOL

You should be able to right click, save, then print but if you have trouble, email me on and I'll email it to you.

Jan's showcase this month is a little variety of things.  Two of the latest "banners" featuring handbags and shoes.

M'ladys Fancy

Five sweet "little quilts" joined together with buttons to form a swag.  Each little purse is hand appliqued in place and then embroidered on for decoration.  I also added little jewels for a bit of bling.  Tassels also adorn two of the bags with an unusual "sewn" tassel on a third.  Easy embroidery.

Pattern is $12.00AUD (+P&H)
ePattern is $7.00AUD

M'ladys Fancy II

The perfect companion for M'ladys Fancy.  Three delightful shoes that are "blinged" with some "jewels" and a touch of embroidery.

Pattern is $12.00AUD (+P&H)
ePattern is $7.00AUD

Applique Pocket Bag

A great bag for yourself or a sewing friend.  Useful for taking to your group sewing day OR ideal for a new baby gift if you change the applique on the pockets or simply use an interesting fabric for the pocket.  A friend in the UK has made many of these for the new baby arrival and added bits and bobs in each pocket for the baby.

Pattern is $12.00AUD (+P&H)
ePattern is $10.00AUD

My special for this month is one of my early banner patterns but still very popular.

Country Farmyard

Easy applique and the use of plaids makes this a lovely decoration to your country home.

ePattern is $5.00AUD

That's it for this month!  Remember you can order patterns (payment via PayPal) or if we can help in any way by emailing us - Cath on and Jan on

Until next time - Happy Stitching

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