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Spring in our area of the world has definately been and nearly gone.  Warm, warm days but, sadly, a lot of bushfires surrounding us and the skies have been full of smoke.  We could certainly do with a little rain.  I see that the east coast of the USA are having floods so, no matter where you live in the world, mother nature is giving us a hard time! 

On to good things Ü.  We have the third block in the Pretty Posies BOM for you as well as a lovely little stitchery from Cath.  Our usual showcase of patterns as well.  Cath also apologises for not giving the painting instructions for her cute faces this post but will have it ready for the next one.

Cath is feeling very much "under the weather" this week with a bad dose of the flu and as we're both very busy ladies we have made the decision to post once a month (around the 15th of each month) rather than each fortnight.  We're disappointed to have to do this but it's the only way we can do everything that we have to.  We're sure you all will understand. 

This post our Guest Crafter is ME!  Ü  Felt a little strange asking myself the questions LOL but here we go.

I live in a small village called Forest Hill which is just off the Warrego Highway between Brisbane and Toowoomba, in the wonderful state of Queensland.  Mum taught me to embroider when I was about 8 and to crochet when I was around 13.  They were what I did for many years.  I took a patchwork/quilting course in 1983.  That was when “the rot” set-in!  This became my passion and still is although I have stretched out into other areas as well.  The designing started around about 1992 when I was teaching regularly and felt it wasn’t right to teach other people’s designs/patterns etc.  It was in 1998 when I released my first pattern and in 1999 had my first project published in Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine.  

What do I create?...  Anything that needs a needle and thread.  Lots of projects utilising appliqué and embroidery mostly but some piecing as well.  That’s what I mainly do for the magazines but I also adore crazy patch, creative embroidery and handmade artist books when time allows me.  If you would like to see what else I do, go visit

A tip I might like to share? …  I’m probably preaching to the converted BUT, always try to, at least, stitch on something for 20 minutes (or more) each day.  It will amaze you how much you get done if you do!  Also, because I’m a hand stitching girl, if you are ever hand stitching with a sewing thread ALWAYS thread the needle and then cut.  A shortish length is necessary to stop knots and twisting. 

 My favourite recipe?  I'm not a great cook and probably have way too many favourite recipes but I thought I would with you my favourite flower?  I tend to change from Pansies to Wisteria depending on which one I see first! LOL  We visited my husband's aunt last weekend and she's a great gardener as well as being a florist.  Her wisteria vine was out in flower and I just had to take a photograph.

Because we have lived in government or rental homes all of our married life and because of Ross's job (lots of transfers!) we've been able to plant one so I'm desperately waiting for him to retire (well not TOO soon! lol) so we can plant one.

Your favourite pastime other than crafting?  Music and reading would have to be my answer.  I also love going to the theatre whenever I can and whilst I love flowers etc I'm not a gardener but certainly appreciate everything Ross does in the garden.  Thank goodness he has a green thumb!

What do you see yourself doing in ten years time?    Hopefully exactly what I’m doing now but I’ll be 71 so maybe I might have slowed down a bit! Ü

Who is your favourite designer?  Has to be Australian Bronwyn Hayes – just love what Bronwyn does and have a large collection of her patterns to stitch when I retire! LOL She is very creative and also very sharing.  American, I love what Sue Spargo designs - her marrying of fabric, felted wool and embroidery embellishing is just stunning.

Pretty Posies BOM

Email Jan for the pattern and instructions Ü

Here is Cath's free stitchery...two cute little raggedy angels.

Cath's showcase patterns for this post are

Annie and Kitty
This is a cute prim pattern of a baby Annie and her Kitty. Both are wearing nappies. They are very easy to make and you won't want to stop at making only one set.

$12 Hard copy... includes postage.
$7 E Pattern......

Little Raggedie & Mini Quilt 
This cute little Raggedy comes with her mini quilt. There is a cute little stitchery of her in the centre, appliqué hearts and some very easy strip piecing.
$12 Hard copy... includes postage.
$7 E Pattern.....

Raggedy Wall Hanging

This wall hanging has a large Annie head and a large Andy head on it. Easy patchwork and looks lovely done in any colour way. The appliqué is very easy and suitable for a beginner.
$12 Hard copy... includes postage.
$7 E Pattern......

Here we have 4 very cute Raggedy note papers. I have designed these myself and they are my special offering for this post. You will be sent a clean copy and then you can print off as many as you like.
$2 .....

Christmas and Bags are my showcase offerings for this post.

Country Carpet Bag

My interpretation of the "Mary Poppins" bag.  I used wool pieces for the bag and felted wool scraps for the applique.  The ladybird is one of my handmade wooden buttons but the bag would look fantastic made from tapestry fabric bits or even denim!  Velvet would look great too....I really need to make more!  Ü

$12.00 AUD OR
$7.00 AUD for an Epattern...

Holly Season Tablerunner

Just perfect for your Christmas decorating!

$12.00AUD OR
$7.00AUD for an Epattern ...


Classy bag with a zippered closure.  Perfect for a day out shopping.  Works well in any fabric choice.

$12.00AUD OR
$7.00AUD for an Epattern...

Felt Baubles

This post's special is my collection of felt baubles for your Christmas tree.  A quick and easy project and fun to make!

$5.00AUD for Epattern only.

There we go!  Hope you enjoy the patterns and the freebies and we'll be back around the 15th October.  I've just previewed the post and the font seems all higgeldy piggeldy and I'm not sure why! lol  Apologies for that but Happy stitching until then!

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